Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Persuasive writing

Description:We are learning to try and persuasive people for writing.We are advertising headphones that people would buy and not just any cheap headphones  something like the wireless headphones for iPhone 6.We need to advertise any type of headphones but they need to be interesting so that you can make the people come and buy your headphones.

"Buy the zipper  headphones" it has the best zipper feeling and it looks like a zipper.and they won't get tangledThere is a sleep mode when the voices are low and soothing.The cord can be removed and can be fixed with a special spray. It can be used anywhere and you can't hear anything in the outside world. If you want to pay more money you can make it invisible and waterproof. Terms and conditions apply.You can check our website
Email .If you want you can even mix the colours.You can get any colour for the headphones. Buy one get one free sale ends next week so come quickly or you will miss out on your pair of headphones.

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