Thursday, 31 March 2016

Camp writing portfolio

Description :We decided to write a camp story for when we went camp el rancho Waikenae.We could choose from lots of options about camp and made a camp story.

This is my camp story:Day in the life of a camp toillet Ahhhh finaIly get to relax.Beep Beep Beep Beeeep here comes the bus oh no!!!!!!!! the smelly people are here.Oh my gosh oh my god what do I do what do I do.Neighboughr toilet well you gust sleep my boy and move around so the boy doesn't pee or poo inside you.Here comes the first person he looks like he's busting oh disgusting uh uh uh uh I can't  take it anymore why did el racho buy me.I look so yellow and browny plus disgusting and oops here comes the lot.No no they are pulling there pants down and sitting on me do you know what hat means...They are going to poop.It smells disgusting and my boss in the sewer will fire me if he smells the poop.Okay I will hold my breath until they finish their poop.Finnaly they are finished and now it's morning. I get so much time to relax… .Time to move around all the activities oh no here comes a kid.He came in and the first  thing he does was fart fart fart and then fart poo then for 24 days straight he does the same thing again and again nah just kidding 24 hours.I bet that my boss is covered full of poop and smells like blue cheese farts which is the smelliest cheese in the universe even aliens don't like it.Why do they have to poop fart and pee.I have been alive for 9,000,000 years and I have never choked or fainted for that many years.I think It might be a toilet record.No toilet has been alive for that long in toilet city. Everybody runs out of toilet water supply and the toilets always shuts down every single time they turn of the water in the city.I don't  know why there is so many problems in the universe.Oh sorry for making you wait this long Ladies and gentlemen plus children and teen’s now where was I oh yes now it's Thursday and only one more day and they are of to Palmerston North.The boring Russell street school even the school I went to was better.It was called Smart toilet to cool 4 school in horrid toilet the movie.Hoot hoot...oh lunch time yeah ah hah ah hah woo.Okay engough parties already go to lunch!!!!! but onfortunately he … went out to lunch.After unch he went out for activities.Are you thinking how does a toilet know what a kid is doing well.I have got security cameras all around R.S.S section and then all around the activities.Time for camp concert here's the first activity group….group 9 need to go toilet I  need to go toilet tell the teacher.They pass it on until the teacher says okay he can go. Then after all of the skits then the teachers and parents who help at camp played a game called pie face. After that we went to sleep.Its morning when a boy was about to enter I hear a teacher saying remember get ready quick then he comes in and does all his work in the bathroom then he goes to breakfast after breakfast we had two activities after the two activities and they pack their lunch and are leaving for Levin adventure park.I hear the bus going out ),-;well that's all for this week see you on the second book bye.

Big idea:I decided to make  a entertaining story because i was going to make it the funniest story and I chose to make a day in the life of a camp toilet.

Feedback/Feedforward: I like how your story was funny next time you can make it shorter.Renae

Evaluation:Next time i can make it shorter so the person who is reading can read it a tiny bit shorter.

Thursday, 17 March 2016


Description:In e tereo we have been learning about our family tree so we know who is in our family and we have learnt the māori trasilations for our family tree so that we don't just write in the English names for our family.

Link to my family tree:

Feedback/Feedforward: I like how you have a big tree. Next time you should ask your parents if you can get more names.Max

Reflection: Next  time I can ask my parents about my family history.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Camp Portfolio Sample 2016

Description:We went to camp on 8 March 2016 with Poutokomanawa and Poutama we went to El rancho Waikenae.When we arrived at camp we had brunch then the boys discovered el racho with our cabin parent and our cabinmates  when we finished we had lunch .Then the girls and their cabin parent and cabinmates when we boys made our beds.First Room 14 and  Poutokomanawa are sliding down the slip 'n slide while room 13 and room12 are going swimming in the pool.Then we had morning tea then we had 2 activities for each group but there are ten activities all together when we finished our activities we had Dinner. We went to bed.Next day we had to get ready and get dressed then we had morning exercise and Breakfast then we went to the beach some people swam and some didn't after that we went back to el rancho and had we lunch and we had 2 activities and then afternoon tea and then we had an activite and then we had dinner then we had camp diaries.Then we had smores and spotlight and then we had to go to bed.Next day we had breakfast and then we had an activitie and then morning tea then there was another activity and then lunch and then there was camp diaries and then we had dinner and then we had camp concert there was 10 skits +1 which a teacher skit.  Then  we had a game called pie face  and then we had to go to bed.Next day we are going back to palmeston north.We had to activities on the last day because it would be to late to finish.After that we left for levin adventure when we reached we had lunch and then came to R.S.S .

Feedback/Feedforward: I like the how you described about the food. Next time you can do more about the activities.azahra
Evaluation:Next time I can talk more about the activities.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word 2016 portfolio sample

Description: We chose our word then we tweeted about it then Elly took a picture of us.Then we measured our  pictures.After that we decided to create a sign for practicing art and be creative.After that we went on our good copy and we cut it out and glued it on our picture.My goal is confidence I chose it because I don't have lots of confidence in me.I decided to make it 2 layerd letters because it stands out with the  colours inside it.
Feedback/ feedforward: I think next time you need to make your photo more focus because I can't really read it but I like how you did a person for the i.jake.Thank you Jake for the feedback and feedforward I will try and focus on the photo.

Evaluation:I think I did  the best of the person as an I .Next time I can focus on the photo.