Sunday, 22 May 2016

Science Portfolio Sample

Description:On Fridays in science we have been learning about the weather we had to choose an experiment for our science and I chose to learn about tornadoes and I learnt that we need hot country's sun and cold country's cold weather to make a tornado here is my tornado experiment and it is a water experiment.MATERIALS:
(2) 2-liter clear plastic pop bottles (empty and clean)
duct tape that will connect the (2) 2-liter bottles together.You need to shake the bottle around so it makes a water tornado.


Feedback/Feedforward: I like the way that Max did a  very good diagram of how a tornado works.
Next time you can talk what's the science behind it.

Evaluation:Next time Max can talk more about how the water tornado works and how to make it in water.


Monday, 16 May 2016


This is my handwriting poem and I think i am really fast today becuase I wrote really fast.
This was easy because I was really fast at handwriting today.