Wednesday, 22 June 2016

ET Reo

Description:On Mondays when kapa hapa is on we are learning māori with ELLY and Troy It is called ET Reo.We have the Aoteroa song to practice and a māori fruit game to practice here is the lyrics for the song that we have been practising on Mondays.It is a song about New Zeland.I practised the song and the māori fruit's game.I can learn the fruits in māori  and then I have to guess the fruit when the māori word comes up for it.


Feedback/Feedforward: I like how you explained about what the choices were. Next time you could show with evidence what you did to help you learn the foods. Tane

Evaluation:Next time I can evidence how I did to explain the foods for māori.

Writing portfolio sample

Description:In reading we are learning about sea turtles and sea turtlels were alive when dinosaurs were extinct so they were alive 150,000 years ago here is some imformation about sea turtles.

Sea turtles were extinct 150,00 years ago and adults lay 1,000 eggs under the soil.The eggs are the sizes of ping pong balls.80% of babies get eaten and 20% percent swim into sea.Adult sea turtles lay their eggs and go back into sea they come back one year later.2% suceed to be adults an come back to the shore.Their breeding age is 20 years old.

Feedback/Feedforward: What I like about it is that you told how the turtles live. Next time you can do the important words so you don't have to make a huge page. Shaiv😀

Evaluation:Next time I can write in the important words instead of doing a big peice of writing for imformation.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Sport's Start portfolio sample

Description:This is a game called gateways and you have to throw the ball or beanbag trough the gateway and to the other person and when we catch a ring we have to catch it with one hand inside the ring and we can catch it however we want or to.We have change to another gateway when we have finished 5 throws.In this video we have only been on one gateway.

Feedback/Feedforward:  I like the sport game no feed forward

Evaluation:You are right Jayden  I don't need any feedforward for this post.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Douglas park sports exchange portfolio

Descpriction:Douglas park is a school in masterton that we play sports with every year It is only for year 5 and 6's they came to our school this year and this is my first time playing with Douglas Park Next year we are going to their school.This year they won the flag,tararua challenge.They won rugby,netball and hockey we won soccer and basketball.I played soccer and we won the match.


Feedback/Feedforward: maybe you could talk a bit louder in the video. I think you did a great job on doing your video cause you said all you need to do. Jake 

Evaluation: You are right Jake I should talk louder next time in the video.